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Janet Wilson

Hi Guys I am Janet Wilson, your personal writer for subjects like maths and statistics.I masters in mathematical sciences from University of Ballarat. I am well versed in all types of mathematical problems like calculus, differential equations, trigonometry, algebra etc. I am well versed with tools like ANOVA, Gantt Charts for project management, SPSS. I am good in probability as well. I have been helping students for 4 years now and have gained much expertise in the same.My work has been rated 9/10 by my beloved students. I strive to meet their expectations better everyday. You can message me for any kind of help related with maths and statistics. All of my students are scoring better than previously.

Amy White

Hello, my name is Amy white, I help students in their sociology, philosophy, English assignments and all types ofcreative writing assignments.I am a pro editor and proof reader as well. I have 6 years of experience in assignment writing and online tutoring. I have done my masters in Sociology from Macquarie University. My work rating is 8/10. About 76% of the students who I have helped are scoring better than ever. I am working on rest 24% as well.

Marcus James

Hi folks, this is Marcus, I am masters holder in Information technology management from Charles Darwin University.I am a pro in programming of PHP3 and PHP4, HTML,Java, C# etc. I have 3.5 years of experience in writing assignments and over 3 years of experience in online tutoring. I have been rated 8.5/10 by my students. About 89% of my students have reported scoring better than what they used to achieve previously.

Alisha Aldersea

Hi folks my name is Alisha, I have done my bachelor of law from Murdoch university school of law.I have been adhering to students who need help with law and legal assignments. My work has been rated as 9/10 by my students. I am improving each day to match your expectations in a better way.I have 3 years of experience in handling assignments based on taxation law, law based assignments such as contract law,commercial law, property law, administrative law,constitutional law, and social justice.I am well versed with laws of Australia, UK, US, NewZealand, Singapore etc. You can depend on me for all types of law assignment help.

Angelia Williams

Hi guys, my name is Angelia Willimas, I have done my Msc in biotechnology from University of Queensland.I help students with their medical and nursing assignments andhave been doing so for the past 5 years. I have been rated 9/10 by my students for which I am immensely thankful! You can count on me for any of your assignments related to nursing. Almost all of my students have been scoring better from what they used to previously.