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Please go through the following terms and conditions carefully before you use our services. The terms and conditions are applicable to anyone who uses our services as well as visitors on our site. In the terms, the words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘Assignment Help Hub’ refer to Assignmenthelphub.com; ‘you’ refers to any individual who uses our site including parents, students and guardians.

Copyright Statement
1. Assignment Help Hub exclusively owns and holds the copyright to all the content on this website. However, print out of the content can be used for non-commercial use only.
2. You are strictly forbidden to use any content on the site for commercial purposes or to modify them for any other reason.
3. Assignment Help Hub reserves all the rights stated in the policy section.

Limitation on Use
1. The receipt that you get for using our services is only intended for you and you may not convey your rights to someone else in order to access the course materials or receive the services unless we have given our consent in writing to do so.
2. You have limited authority to use our services for purposes that personal and completely non-commercial only. You may change, download, copy, display, distribute, publish, transmit, perform, reproduce, duplicate or offer for sale any information that you have acquired from Assignment Help Hub, but only with our written consent.
3. By registering or availing our services, you affirm that you will not use information provided by the tutor for any other purposes other than study and that you will not submit the information as original work to get grade or course credit.
4. Non compliance of any of these terms related to the use of Assignment Help Hub and its services will result in immediate termination of your license granted by us.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability
1. If you face delay or interruption while accessing our website, we will not be held liable in any way. Nonetheless, we are always ready to provide any sort of assistance you need from us.
2. We do not accept responsibility in case your data is damaged or lost on your PC, server or network.
3. Not only do we use well-tested and secured software, our hard working professionals always make sure that the operation runs without any hitch. But we cannot guarantee that you will always have a 100 percent error free access to our website.
4. Access to the website may be suspended by us when the update/maintenance of our website is scheduled.
5. We will not be help responsible for non-accessibility of our site due to equipments or link failure as that is beyond our control.
6. Since assignment help is a subjective matter, in no way can we be held responsible for the student’s failure in a subject or course. Our qualified experts go to all lengths to ensure you receive the best assignments and we are always ready to assist you.
7. If you ever receive a poor grade by using our services, we offer reworks but no refunds will be given. This is because we treat our assignment as a product, and once a product is delivered to a student, it is considered sold.

Revision and Refund Policy

  • Kindly refer to the REVISION AND REFUND POLICY section.

Privacy Policy

  • Kindly refer to the PRIVACY POLICY section.


  • We reserve the right to charge subscription or membership fees from our service users.


  • In the event that any of these terms (whole or in part) become unenforceable, the other terms of the contract will still remain valid.


  • We hold the right to change amend or modify the terms and conditions without serving notice to you. All the previous versions of the terms and conditions would be superseded by the latest version.


  • The right to terminate whole or part of the service agreement at any time is solely reserved by us.

Entire Agreement

  • Terms of Service made in the latest agreement between Assignment Help Hub and student will cease and supersede all the prior agreements.