Revision and Refund Policy

We understand your concern about privacy and security of personal details. It is our ethical duty to make you aware of our privacy policy. Here is what we do with your personal information:

1. In case you want to cancel your order before a writer is assigned to work on it, you can do so by booking other assignment of the same value, without paying any extra money. However, if a writer has already been assigned to your assignment, you would have to go ahead with the order. This is because basic compensation should be provided to the writer who has started working on your assignment.
2. If you have been charged twice for the same order and the payment processing system (i.e. or have sent you two receipts, contact us immediately for a full refund. All you have to do is forward the receipts to us via email and the extra amount would be sent to you within the shortest possible time.
3. We strive to allocate the most appropriate writer to work on your paper, but, on some rare occasions it may happen that the writer is not found. If such situation arises, we will take on your next assignment of the same value absolutely free of cost.
4. Kindly see to it that all the details of the paper and additional materials are filled up correctly while placing the order. If for any reason we deliver the first version of your paper after the original deadline, we will enhance the quality of the paper, so that even if a late submission penalty is charged, it will not affect the overall grade.
5. We have a 100% satisfaction policy which basically means that we will keep revising and reworking on the assignment till you are satisfied with the end result and till it reaches the initial set of work requirements.
6. With us, you can never get a ‘fail’ grade in your assignment, however if you do then we will do a 50 percent cash refund. The reason we cannot refund the full amount is because the writers take their payment in advance, so getting the money back from the writer is not possible for us. Nonetheless, to make sure this incident never gets repeated and the quality of the assignment is maintained, we will discharge the writer from our company.
7. We do not have a cash refund policy (except clause no.2) for our services. Instead, we will do a free assignment of the same value if your claim is genuine and valid (keeping with the above points).

PS. Unfortunately, your claim will not be considered valid if it does not fall under the above mentioned categories. In that case, there will be no refund.