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Are you the one who is in a fix to submit the assignments due to the lack of appropriate proof-reading? We’re the one stop solution for all your proofreading & editing problems, Help In Assignment and submitting assignments within the given time and without any errors.

In simple words, proofreading means examining a text or document carefully to find and correct the typing errors and spelling and grammatical mistakes. Most of the publishers get their documents checked by expert proofreaders before publishing it.Professional proofreading services provide a wide range of facilities to writers of all types. Proofreading services include reviewing and reading documents so as to remove technical and ensures that the information is presented logically and in a concise manner.

Difference between Proofreading and Editing:

Proofreading and editing are often assumed to be the same thing, but both are quite different. There is a clear line maintained between an editor and a proof-reader. An editor can change the text to improve the quality of writing. He/she can remove the entire paragraph and rewrite it, just to clear any ambiguity. Editing improves the expression, language and overall quality of the writing. Editing is the name of the whole concept. Proofreading is a part of this whole process of editing. The proof-reader’s job is to find the smallest grammatical mistakes that others might easily overlook. So you can see that there is a very fine but clear difference between the role of a proof-reader and editor.

Proofreading  and editing services of Assignment help hub is loved throughout the world. It is considered as one of the leading proofreading agency in Australia due to the kind of expertise it has. When it comes to US and UK various proofreading agencies are there to provide the proofreading and editing services. However, Assignment help hub proofreading service is considered as one of the best proofreading and resume writing services UK. It has got an excellent rating in there views. It offers experienced proofreaders who possess master’s degrees in English from various reputed universities worldwide, check our Featured Writers to know more.

Assignment help hub offers different types of proofreading services, for e.g., academic proofreading, book proofreading and business plans proofreading. They hire professional proofreaders who have more than 5 years of experience in the same. Proofreading is certainly not an easy job. It requires a thorough knowledge of that language and a lot of patience, which is why amongst thousands of resume we receive, only those are selected who are actually passionate about writing, editing and proofreading.  This is the key to the success of the best proofreading service in Australia, UK and US.

Words from Students

Thanks guys for proofreading and grammar editing my assignment at the last minute, my university focuses on it a lot, and I could not afford to fail it, you saved me the whole course fee! Love you and my strong recommendation to all you guys to give your assignment to Melissa, for she is humble and polite and knowledgeable in your subject.

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Types of Proofreading & why do you need it?

Different types of proofreading need different types of proofreaders. On a wide range, proofreading can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Academic proofreading
  • Book
  • Business plans proofreading

Amongst them, academic proofreading services are the simplest and easiest one. Journal, articles, posters, reports, research papers all come under the academic proofreading services.A part of academic proofreading is the Essay Proofreading Service which most of the students require and thus, we offer proofreading services at almost negligible costs which fits to the pocket of the students, the benefit of it is that, students need not waste their time reading the whole document again and can put that time for some better use.

Second is Book proofreading which are done by our experienced authors, again at a very minimal amount. The benefit the authors get is that they need to read their work again which can be very hectic and focus on other tasks.

Third comes the business documents which are to proofread, and are very important for a business’s image in front of its clients and stakeholders.

Thus we cater to almost all the requirements of different sections of proofreading & editing.

How Assignment help hub Help you in Proofreading?

Need assignment help services at Assignment help hub provides proofreading & editing services in Australia, UK and US. Our expert writers will help you to score better in your assignments. We always offer a fair deal so that the students would not have to pay more and also they are able to submit their assignments in time. Our experts are very much friendly and so you guys don’t need to hesitate and just ask them for your proofreading help. To know more about us, check Whats Different section to help us make up your mind.y form, rest everything will be taken care of!

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