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Dissertation is an extensive and elaborate piece of research work that students have to produce in order to obtain their academic degree, usually an Mphil or PhD. But prior to writing a dissertation, students have to first submit a dissertation proposal to the committee, one which outlines the research topic, its main objectives,methodologies and your intended approach of the dissertation that is about to follow . The purpose of writing a best dissertation proposal help is to convince the faculty of your ability as a scholar and the worth of your dissertation as a promising hypothesis with sound analysis and interesting ideas.

Difference between a dissertation and a dissertation proposal

There are some obvious differences between a dissertation and a dissertation proposal that are clearly evident-

  • The chief and most apparent difference between the two is the length. While a dissertation is a few hundred pages long, a dissertation proposal can be completed in twenty to forty pages.
  • While a dissertation proposal is like a formal plan or skeleton of the main research, the dissertation is the actual research.
  • Dissertation proposals are always written in future tense, whereas dissertations are written in the past tense.

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 What all to include in a dissertation proposal?

You might ask, “What is a dissertation proposal and what do I have to write in it?”Dissertation proposal is like a blueprint for your research- it contains your research goals and method of investigation. A dissertation proposal should include the following things-

  • Dissertation/research topic- the first step to writing a best dissertation proposal help is to decide on the topic that your dissertation is going to be about. The topic should be interesting and one of a kind.
  • Aim of your research- the next step is to clearly define your goals and objectives of your research and how it will contribute to its field or discipline.
  • Literature Review- in this section you start by reviewing previous academic literature and stating how your work is different or building upon the already existing ones.
  • Research methodologies- this is nothing but the method or approach that you are going to follow in your research. There are a host of different strategies that you can employ, like primary research, secondary research, quantitative research, qualitative research and so on.
  • Findings- you can finally talk about the potential outcome that you are expecting from your research and investigation.
  • Constrains- it is important to state the weaknesses and limitations of your research, as no research is flawless and all-inclusive.

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Points to focus while submitting a dissertation proposal

Writing a best dissertation proposal can leave you flustered. That is why; you should have a clear and methodical approach to it and can consult your queries with help with Assignment Writing Service experts as well. Keep the following points in mind while submitting your best dissertation proposal help-

  • Your topic should be unique while also being academically relevant.
  • You should have a clearly defined and sound methodology.
  • Make sure you can back your research with proper analysis and data.
  • Make sure you fulfill the content requirements of your department.
  • See to it that you include all the points that you are going to be discussing about in your dissertation.
  • Take the help of advisers and supervisors if you need to.

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