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Why is pestle analysis needed?


Pestle is a strategic marketing tool applied by an organization to analyze the external factors that affect their working environment. The acronym “pestle” stands for ‘political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental.’ This investigation will give them the “big picture”, in other words help them track the business environment so that they can implement necessary steps to achieve optimum performance.

The four main factors that are taken into consideration while conducting a pestle analysis are- political, social,economic and technological. Pest analysis is extremely useful for understanding the market scenario, its ups and downs and potentials of a business. Pest analysis helps in the following ways-

  • Helps in better understanding of the market.

  • Helps spot business opportunities.

  • Helps avoid errors, as well as correct past mistakes.

  • Refrains you from staring projects that are likely to fail.

  • Reveals the direction of market change.

Why is SWOT analysis needed?

Swot,acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, analyses the internal and external factors that can affect the future of a company. Strength and weaknesses are the internal factors while opportunities and threats are the external ones. This strategic planning tool helps the company to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and set financial and operational goals for the benefit of the business.

Swot analysis is needed to-

  • Detect threats that can harm the company and eliminate them.

  • Understand your business, address weaknesses.

  • Determine strategies to facilitate progress of business.

  • Discover new opportunities.

  • Capitalize on your strengths.

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Common problems of pestle & SWOT analysis faced by students

Marketing or MBA students may be required to perform pestle and swot analysis on an organization or business as a part of their case study assignment help. But the job is easier said than done- these comprehensive models to study and investigate the various environmental factors affecting a business are not easy to execute. Writing a case study analysis requires plenty of planning, dedication and hard work. Some troubles that students face while doing them are-

  • Time crunch and tight deadlines affect the performance of students.

  • Lack of proper planning and organization also lands students in trouble.

  • Some segments may too hard for students to analyze and undertake on their own. They need proper guidance and direction, especially while drawing grids and templates and collecting relevant data.

  • Finding relevant information is not always an easy task to accomplish.

  • Some students may not be able to write a full-fledged paper in a coherent manner, with impeccable grammar and use of language.

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Sample PESTLE analysis of Apple


We provide pest analysis case study help and sample papers at attractive prices. Check out our pestle case study analysis of Apple here-

The external factors that affect the future of Apple-

Political-some political challenges in UK at present are- failed public relations, threat of terrorism, decreasing popularity of the government and the unrest noticeable in the ruling coalition.

Economic- economic depression can have an impact on the company’s sales, since Apple’s products are a bit high end. But even if the value of U.S.D falls, Apple will gain revenue because it has purchased foreign currency.

Social-the Apple Company signifies class and sophistication. The image it puts up in front of the society will have an impact on its sales and revenue.

Technological-Apple is the leader in innovation. Its products have a short life cycle, making it inevitable for more products to be sold later.

Legal-the UK legal system is extremely transparent, competent and organized, allowing businesses to flourish freely and gain the trust of investors. But Apple has to deal with some challenges like tax evasion and maintaining personal liberty in the face of terrorism.

Environmental-Apple has been taking great steps to reduce environmental degradation by properly disposing off electronic equipment and using renewable sources of energy.

Sample SWOT analysis of Apple

We offer sample swot analysis case study paper and swot analysis report on Apple that can come in handy once you start case study assignment help paper on swot analysis. Get a glimpse of our sample here-

This study is intended to analyze the internal and external factors that affect Apple’s operations for the purpose of assessing the company’s viability in the market and its prospect as a potential investment.

Strengths-the strengths of the company include its reputation as a brand, market value,good marketing team, strong financial performance, retail stores, closed ecosystem and its ability to innovate in the field of mobile technology.

Weaknesses-its weaknesses are- high price, lower market shares, defects in some products and incompatibility of different OS.

Opportunities-high demand, viable market condition, iTV launch and increase of cloud based services are some opportunities that the company can take full advantage of.

Threats-a few threats that are rearing their ugly heads- growth of Android OS, tax increment, stiff competition, rapidly changing technology and many others.

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