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Even seasoned writers can make a mistake once in a while! You are still a student and probably do not write extensively. And as the saying goes “Precaution is better than cure.” This will strike a chord with you when you discover that it would have been much easier if you knew certain dos and definitely known the don’ts. It not only saves your time but helps you write in comparatively nice manner which will eventually serve the purpose of your assignment. Studying in Australian education system, you must have understood that writing assignment is a major part of any course you intake and can make or break your career. You must also know that Assignment help Hub is available across Australia including Melbourne, Perth, Sydney etc with the name of Assignment Help Australia.
Now that you know that committing mistakes while writing assignments is tad bit inevitable. It will be wiser to learn the common ones that can be avoided most of the time.
1. Taking Introduction For Granted!
Many a times it happens that we tend to give less or little understanding of the topic at hand and do not really outline what is the essay all about. Even the scenario turns out that the introduction includes information that is irrelevant to the topic. The purpose of the introduction is to let the professor know in brief what would be discussed in the body of the assignment further. Truly speaking, it gives a fair idea to the person reading this whether or not you have the idea of the research involved in the assignment.
2. Haven’t been doing the research THOROUGHLY!

As a student you need to understand that in order to get an HD grade in your assignments, every aspect and every section has to be thoroughly researched and written, in case you have avoiding thoroughly researching about any topic, you can start doing that right now for your upcoming assignments!

3. Not following the template given!
This is a little craft that can sometimes be challenging to construct. Different Paragraphs help to organize your arguments or ideas and resultantly built a structure of your essay that is logical one. Discussing all ideas in one paragraph makes it clumsy to understand and leaves no depth of your essay. While you are at it, make sure you do not repeat ideas, which is going to hurt your marks!
4. Plagiarized Content/ Incorrect Citations!
As a student, you must know that for anything that you mention about which you are unsure, it is best to cite it than get into trouble later. Positively, this will give weight to your comments and arguments. You might have no wrong intentions. However, it is no excuse you can give. It might at times skip your mind when you are writing a long copy. In such cases you can mark it or highlight it and additionally note the author, date, publication etc details separately and make sure you edit it while proof- reading.
5. Not Editing or proof-reading / Grammatical Mistakes in your assignment!
You have written an impeccably informative, factual and argumentative essay, but it has some grammatical errors that can be seen over and over again. Most common ones is the usage of semicolon and comma. Apostrophes can be incorrectly use. In that case you can check the context. Spellings that sound same and mean different can be confusing, for instance where or were. Hence, it is best practice to proof-read your essay with a fresh mind. Also, write as simple as possible, do not focus on making the language complex. It will lessen your marks.
6. Conclusions Not Put Well!
You knew somewhere that this was coming! Just like the introduction, the conclusion is something that should not be rushed at. Essentially a conclusion is a summary of the topic discussed at length in the essay; a concise of what you have discussed in your essay. You won’t believe but many students make a mistake of just repeating the introduction in the conclusion, this is where they lose a lot of marks.
So, by far you will be clear about what are the mistakes that may be subconsciously just happening. However, if you are still not so confident about it you can always seek assignment help. Assignment Help Hub gives Assignment help in various cities of Australia. Even if you are living in New Zealand, do not hesitate to reach out for asking Assignment help New Zealand. Talk with Melissa and make a difference to your life today!
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