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The football team of Yale, for the very first time in a decade, beat Harvard on Saturday which leaded to a display of naked Bulldog fans. Yale was leading with 14-7 in the second half of the game and a part of its fan stripped and got completely naked and swooned the field. At the sight of this, the Deadspin quipped, “Behold, the bare asses of the brightest young minds in America!” On this, the Fox Sports states, “We have so many questions about the decision to go naked. Why? What was the reason? And on a chilly November afternoon in Massachusetts, was it worth it?” The answer might be a “maybe”. The game was delayed for some minutes and it started when the police intervened. Yale won with 21-14.

Being Naked in Protest is a Ritual?

Although it’s believed that for the wacky Yale students the ‘naked’ emotion is traditional, was it a right thing to do? Known to be “The Saybrook Strip” where the learners, both male and female, remove all their clothes in the end of the third quarter of football games, until they are left with nothing on their body. “The Game” was a big one for the Yalies and hence, a few seniors took up the next step and came up with the antic of full-on nakedness in front of everyone.

So, for all the learners out there, if you are wishing to get admitted in one of the Ivy League schools, it’s a known fact that you may be really bright at studies. Also, you need to be very smart just to get an admission in any one of these. However, if you are in Great Boston during this time of the year and if you are taking off your clothes and standing on a wall, you might not be a ‘bright’ student at all! So, the call is yours!

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