Will You Be Able To Play Pokémon Go In Space? Here Is What NASA Has To Say! No ratings yet.

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Although there are all the technological facilities available in the international space station, but still the astronauts CANNOT PLAY POKEMON GO. Know why? As per NASA, the astronauts still have to wait for their rendezvous with earth despite of the availability of the GPS equipment, smart phones, internet access and many more. Pokémon is a reality game, a game of a famous TV character Pokémon by the year 1990. The game is used to detect the location of the player, in order to decide, where to put the Pokémon’s in the game, in order to catch that the player will have to go to the location, where the Pokémon appears. The popular tagline of the game is “Catch the All”. By NASA, the users of Twitter have asked, whether the astronauts can play this game and they disappointed them by saying NO.

In Tweet, an official of NASA stated that the crew can use the smart- phones for conduction of the ISS research, as they do not have internet. He had further explained that the internet access by the astronauts is limited to the computers and they have smart-phones for ISS research. The astronauts cannot download apps in space like they do on earth.

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