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Ben & Jerry’s is a food processing company that manufactures ice creams. The founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are proud owners who owe a factory in Waterbury, Vermont. The childhood friends who completed courses in ice creams are now the leading manufacturers who owe their own mark. The company started improving the business and even started new branches in various popular places. The ice-cream parlor in United Square Shopping Mall in Singapore along with various places like Sweden, Canada, Denmark and many more they launched the parlors to sell ice creams. With a unique presentation the company is getting close to all the ice cream lovers and is implementing many enchanting methods that amaze people. Along with worthy techniques that grab the attention of the ice cream lovers the company impresses people with various new flavors with impressive names. Along with this the company take part in various charity events and  even stars and famous personalities show up in the shops and be part of the success of the event. With a huge network and better plans the company always volunteers various events and supports people with camps.

Nearly a million of cones are given away to people for free every year and the free cone day takes place every year as they launched this as a thanking gesture for people who supports in improving their business. This event is generally held on a day in between the end of March till May and the company promotes this with a slogan of Be One in a Million. In the year 1993 the company started spreading this custom and is continuing this till date and every year please people with their favorite flavors. The charity organizations always be present for the fundraising events and Ben & Jerry every year offer free ice cream cone to the crowd right from 12pm till night 8.

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