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These days, writing an essay on a particular topic is one of the difficult tasks. Many Universities and educational institutions ask the students who are applying for admission, or need to pass a semester to write an essay on a topic provided to them. This essay is quite lengthy and comprehensive than the one students used to write when they were studying in the primary section. It requires a lot of accurate information, knowledge and most important of all, a firm grip on the language. Many a times, the students find themselves unable to complete this onerous task in the manner and quality expected from them. This is where they need assistance of a reputed and reliable Essay Writing Service provider.

What is Essay Writing Service?

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What are the most common 5 errors in an essay?

It is a sad but completely true fact that many students make some common errors when writing essays. Some of the most common mistakes committed by them are-

  1. Poor paragraphing

Many a times it has been seen that the students do not pay much attention on the format of the paragraphs. A new paragraph is written when one topic has completed and the essay has to be directed to a new point. When the paragraphs are not framed in a proper manner, the content looks haphazard and essay gets marked low in result.

  1. Plagiarism

While looking for the best information and wishing to use the same in the content, many students don’t even realise that they are copying or plagiarizing the text. Plagiarism is an offence and should be avoided at all costs. Being inspired from something is one thing but copying it as it is something different altogether. Thus, the students need to

  1. Incorrect Referencing

Students need to be very meticulous when acknowledging someone else’s idea. This is done by giving proper references. Chicago styles, Harvard, APA convention are some of the popular styles used by universities worldwide and thus has to be done properly.

  1. Use of slangs

It is wrong to make use of slangs in an essay, which is basically a formal style of academic writing and thus has to be taken care of by students.

  1. Spelling errors

This is the biggest blunder committed by any student. When writing an essay, it is the most basic expectation from them to write spelling error free essay.


Essay Writers In The UK  From Assignment Help Hub refrain from making such errors for our students.

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