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Pokemon Go is a game that needs no introduction or explanation.You might also know that when a player hits level five, he/she is given a choice to select a favourite team out of the three: Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct. But facts state that team Instinct seems to be the lesser popular among Pokemon Go fans and players and here are some possible reasons why:

  • Each team has a unique color: Valor is red, Mystic is blue and Instinct is yellow. Blue and red are marked as the most popular and widely accepted colors. There are not many people who are fond of the color yellow and would most likely prefer choosing yellow color while they are presented with the choices of blue and red side-by-side.
  • Each team has a unique symbol: Valor has circle with Moltres, Mystic has hexagon with Arcticuno and Instinct has an inverted triangle with Zapdos. True Pokemon fans might be aware of the legendary ice bird Arcticuno and fire bird Moltres. But most of them are not fond of and are totally unaware of Zapdos-the electric bird.
  • You might have already witnessed numerous jokes, trolls and tumbler posts making fun of Instinct all over the internet. This might be yet another reason why more and more people are opting Mystic and Valor once they’ve reached fifth level of the game. People always go after popular teams and unfortunately Instinct is not one of them.
  • Above all, the big reason might be the style each team and team character displays as this can have a profound impact on the player. People choose the team to which they are more likely to associate their personality with. For instance, Mystic believes that calm analysis can lead to success and Valor deals with power and passion. But Instinct on the other hand asks people to trust their instincts and people find it stupid and already knows how trusting instincts can make you hit rockbottom in life.

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