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About the case:

Five accused, who were trying to flee to Syria by boat have got presented to the Melbourne court today. They were going to join this Islamic state. They were arrested in Cairns near the tip of Cape York.  After a few hours of arrival they have been presented in the court for the administrative hearing in brief. These tiny terrors are to appear in the Melbourne court today to face foreign incursions offences in the next few hours. They have been charged for incursions in the foreign countries to engage into hostile activities.

The accused were the Islamic preacher Shayden Thorne, Kadir Kaya, Paul Dacre, Musa Cerantonio, and Antonio Granata. Along with them dozens of their supporters were in the court. A few of the supporters refused to stand for the magistrate Luissa Bazzani. The lawyer “Stary” told her that the reason for their refusal is in line with their faith in the Muslim culture. Mr. Stary is the lawyer presenting the five accused, but not their supporters. The magistrate had earlier excused the Muslim men from standing as a sign of respect.

She stated that it is not right to refuse to stand for the court’s authority as a sign of respect. But, Mr. Stary instantly replied that they do not stand for anyone except “Allah”. She also said that it is customary sign of respect to stand, when a judicial officer enters. She also stated that it is considered as an insult of the court. The prosecutors are given a longer time to prepare. The police have applied successfully to transfer them to Victoria after facing the court in Cairns. They will soon be taken to the Melbourne court. They had been transferred to Melbourne with a few police vans accompanying the heavy security convoy. After sometime, the van arrived at court with the help of a rolling door. The brother of Thorne also came to the court to support him. This story has been written by a blogger at assignment help hub.

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