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Human Resource Management essentially means “Inform-Engage-Enable”!
Human Resource is one of the most valuable assets and a most challenging one to handle at that. It covers a plethora of roles and opportunity irrespectively of the business being large or small, public or private.
Australian market is wide and offers a variety of combinations in choices of HR roles. The roles that you can undertake can be broken down to different types depending upon its function and requirement.
In this role, the HR professional is required to cater all the aspects of Hr and the employment lifecycle. It is important for the HR to have a broad knowledge of HR and matters involving people. They have to look into different aspects like planning, recruitment, performance, management, termination, reporting, and evaluation.
These kinds of roles require the HR professional to focus on one particular area of HR. The start roles are always generalized and then gradually the HR professionals build their expertise and experience in various areas. Quite often, they choose to obtain specialized education to be proficient in the area of interest. Some of the common areas include:
Learning & Development
Change Management
Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)
Industrial Relations (IR)
Workforce Planning
Organizational Development
After completion of the education in particular area, they can choose to associate themselves with different departments within an organization.
External Roles:
These roles can be generalized or specialized. The practitioners after being in the profession for several years and experience in particular area can go out to become consultant providing outsourced HR services to the organization.
Becoming an HR or considering your options while wanting to become a leader in the HR industry, there are several things that come into play like your background & qualification, skills, international experience, interests& work-life balance, facing challenges.

Therefore, there are various roles and combinations of the same that can work out for an HR student post completion of a formal education. However, during the study period the students are faced with various tasks involving completing assignments, case studies, essays etc.
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