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Apple and Twitter results have hit the tech stocks in Europe and Asia. Apple has created worth of new gadgets from the decades from Ipod to Iphone to IPAd and lead to historic growth. But now the Sour Apple results are hitting the tech shares.

Apple and Twitter results have affected on tech stocks in Europe and Asia.
After the worst result of Apple and Twitter, Stocks of technology in Asia and Europe fell down on Wednesday.

Company reported on Tuesday that in pre-market trading, apple fell 7.5 per cent and I phone has declined its sales and experiencing the first drop in its revenue.

A weaker dollar before a US monetary policy decision kept oil close to 2016 highs.
Well Twitter also lost more than 14 percent after first-quarter revenue lagged expectations.

Shares of Australia closed down by 0.6 percent less, and Austria’s AMS fell by 2 per cent in Europe. 0.4 percent got lower in the case of Japan Nikkei index. Moreover when shares of suppliers of I phone’s parts fell then Taiwan’s shares also fell down by 0.2%

An analyst Mr. Amit Daryanani, said that Apple may be facing the slowing down sales same as happened with computer market long time ago. But Mr. Cook took sales slowdown as normal and believes it as a common two year product cycle of Apple. He also added that if we look at base of I phones today viruses to years back, increased by 80 percent.

I phone SE, the latest phone of Apple which of 4inch screen, was on sale from March 31st  but it was very much late to affect the second quarter results, so it did not counted but the demand was  so high that Apple could not fulfilled it on that stage, said Mr. cook.

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