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It is the act of appropriating passages, ideas or writings of another as one’s own. People use, as one’s owns the writings and ideas of another. According to the online dictionary, plagiarism means stealing the words of another and using it as one’s own creation. It is the use of another’s production without crediting the […]

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As you move on with your academic life, there is more learning to be done on the areas of your interest that have to be clearly reflected through different assignments. The writing of the research papers is a crucial part of the final stages as it will help in demonstrating the level of your learning, […]

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Its better you realize this early! A dissertation proposal can be defined as an exhaustive piece of research work, which is produced by the students, in order to acquire an academic degree, usually at the time for their doctorate, M.Phil or PhD. It’s better for every student to realize it early that the basic purpose of […]

Here Are The Reasons Why You Have Been Lacking the X Factor In Your Dissertation So Far!! No ratings yet.

A dissertation is an essential project required to be submitted by a student, in order to earn their degree of masters, M. Phil or degree of any level of higher education. In dissertation you need to define a topic, look into about it in detail by initiating a research and finally produce a form of writing […]

7 Ways To Survive 1st Month Of Your Freshmen Year! No ratings yet.

Maybe you were class president in secondary school. On the other hand maybe you were an individual from the honour society. You could have graduated in the top percentile of your graduating class; maybe you were even valedictorian. Possibly your were in the honour program or the International Baccalaureate program. Really, it doesn’t generally make […]

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How Is Research Proposal Assignment Beneficial For Your Career? No ratings yet.

This research proposal assignment is designed according to the research proposal required for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship applications. The research proposal consists of maybe a couple starting passages, a list of 2-3 “particular points” (research points), 1-3 sections depicting how every point will be accomplished, and possibly a different section portraying more broader impacts. This […]

How To Approach Your Research Paper? No ratings yet.

Writing research paper is considered as one of the toughest assignments in academics. In order to write a logical and convincing research paper one should possess the ability to invest time in researching. In a student’s life there are numbers of other priorities as well which is why many a times a student is left […]