Remember You Hated Maths When You Were Young! Well, Not Anymore! NAN/5 (1)

Mathematics- the subject dates way back to Babylonian times. According to information on Wikipedia, study of mathematics started as early as 6th century BC with the famous ‘ Pythagoreans’ and they coined the term “mathematics” from ancient Greek word μάθημα (mathema) whose meaning is “subject of instruction”. So, it is not just you probably but […]

A Few Ways to Make Maths Fun for Students! No ratings yet.

Mathematics is possibly one of the most dreaded subjects among-st the learners all around the globe. Even if it seems easy for some, most students repel themselves from solving maths problems as they feel it’s too boring and time taking! This whole dislike regarding the subject is also because of some stereotypical notions which has […]

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Mathematics, as we all know is the domain of study of numbers, equations, measurements, geometric shapes and calculations, algebra, quantity, calculus and much more. Mathematics or Maths is the study of abstract science and is applicable in other fields such as engineering, physics etc. Mathematics is a wide area of study and is used in […]

These 5 Simple Techniques Help You To Sharpen Your Mind for Math’s Assignments! No ratings yet.

Mathematics is without a doubt a very diverse and complex subject. It is defined as an abstract science and the study of numbers, sets, measurements, equations, concepts, algebra, geometric concepts, etc. Due to it’s in complex nature and theories the students find it truly hard to memorize the steps of a theorem or derive a […]