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English is undoubtedly among the most popularly used languages spoken globally for the purpose of communication in both verbal as well as written forms. Apart from the colloquial form, there are different formal ways that the language is used in business as well as in academics. Though a lot of students study the language, they […]

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Usain Bolt, the King of Sprinting proved it again by winning the 100 metres in 9.81 seconds at Rio Olympics, making him the first ever athlete in Olympic history to win three gold medals in a row. The 29 year old Jamaican born legend, bolted to victory by surpassing his opponents Justin Gatlin of America […]

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English is a West Germanic language and is used as an official language in all over 80 countries. English is a compulsory subject in school, however, some people learn the subject in the later part of their life. Thus, to have a bright and successful future, one need to have good command over this language. Education institutes allot […]