Squat Toilets can destroy our way of life! Well here is what Pauline Hanson is saying! No ratings yet.

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Senator Pauline Hanson send a valuable message via a recorded video broadcast to her followers saying that redesigning of toilets in the Australian Tax Office can very well jeopardize the Australian way of living. The Australian Tax Office had installed squat toilets at its Box Hill Office in Victoria since they had many staffs that belonged to the non-English speaking cultural background.

Signs were posted at the Australian Taxation Office to educate their staff on how to use western toilets. This was done based on the many complaints that were issued in their Canberra headquarters as their staff members squatted on western toilets making it a mess for the rest and raising serious hygienic issues. Even though putting up posters on bathroom door educating them on proper usage of toilets have solved the issues to a greater extent, this made the authorities realise that they have to install squat toilets.

Pauline Hanson released a video expressing her outrage on this decision saying that ATO has installed squat toilets just because over 20 per cent of their staff are from culturally diverse backgrounds and if they don’t even know how to use Australian toilet what the hell was going around. Senator Pauline also in her video demonstrates a squat and explains the proper ways of using a toilet. She also added that what was more confusing than using a toilet was doing our taxes itself.

Pauline Hanson questioned ATO’s intentions of wasting money on squat toilets and asked if their staffs were qualified enough to do their jobs properly if they can’t even learn how to use a Western toilet. Unbelievably, her Facebook account has been teeming with supporting posts and comments by a large number of people who seems to have agreed with her on this.

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