Selena Gomez has accused boyfriend Justin Beiber of cheating on her multiple times! Know why! No ratings yet.

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Beiber and Selena fans all over the world watched in awe as what was a simple lover’s spat between the pop couple ended up as a major social media battle. Selena posted a comment on Instagram under Beiber’s photo saying that it was funny for people who have cheated multiple times to point their fingers at those who have been supportive and forgiving. She also commented asking him to stop posting pictures of him with his girlfriend, if he couldn’t handle the hatred from his own fans. Beiber counter commented on Instagram by saying that it was even funnier to see people who’ve used him for getting attention still point finger this way. Beiber also accused her of cheating him with the former One Direction heartthrob, Zayn Malik.

FYI, Bieber has been rumoured with 19 year old model Hailey Baldwin and for the past week noticed for hanging out with 17 year old American model and daughter of the legendary Lionel Richie- Sofia Richie. Beiber fans popularly known to social media as ‘Beliebers’ was not at all happy with Beiber’s new choice and hence started posting hateful comments, posts and mean pictures regarding him and Sofia all over the internet.

Beiber’s reply to his fans was a picture of him with Sofia asking his fans to stop this madness and stop being mean to people he likes or else he would make his Insta profile private. However they responded to this by posting pictures of them unfollowing him on Instagram with hashtag quote saying #R.I.P Beliebers.

Coming back to Selena and Beiber, stories about him cheating on her was a major issue many times while they were on their on-again, off-again relationship. The social media fight began on August 14th when Beiber posted a series of images of him with his new girl Sofia. However, Beiber decided to put an end to whole ex-drama by deleting his Instagram profile. Selena on the other hand put an end to the feud by apologising over Snapchat on Tuesday morning.

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