Sabra Dipping Co. Recalls Certain of its Hummus Products for Possible Health Hazards! No ratings yet.

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Well-known worldwide, the Sabra Dipping Co. has voluntarily recalled some of its hummus products which were made before November 8 2016. According to them, the products had the risk of Listeria Monocytogenes, which are hazardous for the health. Its presence on the product was identified at the time of manufacturing the same. The products were distributed to the various retail outlets which included supermarkets and food service accounts in Canada and the U.S.

What’s Listeria Monocytogenes?

This is an organism which can cause severe health risks and can be fatal at times for the young children as well as the elderly people. Also, the ones with a weak immune system are quite likely to get affected by its hazards. The healthy individuals, on the other hand, can suffer symptoms like severe headaches, high fever, nausea and stiffness, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The infection caused by Listeria can result into miscarriages and still births as well among pregnant women. The company is therefore recalling the products as a caution.

However, the common people shouldn’t worry as no other products by Sabra are affected with this organism. Also, Sabra products like, Sabra Organic Hummus, Sabra Guacamole, Sabra Salsa and Sabra Greek Yogurt Dip aren’t included in the recall. For the consumers who wish to get in touch with Sabra’s Consumer Relations Officer can contact at 1-866-265-6761 for any further information on the same. However, the calling time should be from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm eastern time. Also, for any kind of product reimbursement, they can contact The company is, however, very concerned and is taking the necessary steps to mend this issue with this sudden recall. So, for the consumers, there is simply nothing to worry about.

You can get the list of products which has been recalled on the web. However, for any kind of other information regarding the company products, you can simply visit,

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