Pauline Hanson has hit back on Gosford Anglican church stunt and termed it counterproductive! No ratings yet.

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About ten protestors entered the Gosford Anglican Church, which is known for their support of multiculturalism, at 9:30 am during the Sunday mass pretending to be dressed as Islams. They interrupted the sermon by pretending to pray on their knees chanting out Islamic verses, playing a tape of a man singing Koran out loud. One of the group members said sarcastically that they were showing cultural diversity.

Although, One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has been featured in many of the images, Facebook pages and group’s websites she told media that she has or had no official affiliation with the Party of Freedom or are in no way responsible for their actions.

Pauline Hanson’s reaction to the media was that it was totally uncalled for media to drag her or One Nation amidst these actions, the same way Islams were accused for Man Monis’ behaviour. She also added that the group’s action was “counterproductive” in the serious argument her part was calling for.

Father Bower said that the group ‘terrorised the congregation and violated our sacred space’. Father Bower in his Facebook post also mentioned that they were all deeply traumatised by the incident and the act itself was an example for ‘right-wing terrorism’. The incident was recorded by both the priest and the extremists.

The man from the group who filmed their actions on the other hand said casually that they just wanted the Church to know that they were not happy with the Church’s whole idea of sponsoring Islam and multiculturalism.

Another video shot in public, shows the group kneeling down on rugs, pretending to pray in Islamic attire. The message they delivered was clear-cut: “Keep voting for Liberal and Labor parties and this will happen. So wake up fellow Aussies.”

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