Many Congrats To Molly Goyder For Being The Best MBA Essay Writer For The Month Of Jul’16! No ratings yet.

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Congratulations to Molly Goyder, the ever hardworking member of Assignment Help Hub (which has been rated as the Best Assignment writing service in Australia) for being the best MBA essay writer for the month of July 2016.

Few words about Molly Goyder

Molly Goyder is a dedicated and passionate writer who is right on-track with her duties and never ever fails to meet with the deadline. Since the day she has joined us, never have she ever failed to deliver an assignment to her client on-time.She understands her responsibility well and how valuable her work is for a student and realizes that with her negligence a student can even fail a semester which costs him around 3000 A$. She has all the qualities set to make a brilliant writer and all her works so far speak for itself to validate her worth to our team.

MBA is not an easy cookie to crack and those who know about the course might be well aware of the lengthy and highly challenging topics that it accompanies, often putting MBA graduates in a lengthy dilemma. That’s where they reach out to Molly seeking mental peace for their assignments. Molly however is well versed in her domain and has the topics engraved at the back of her head no matter how hard or long they are, she just knows her way with words. She is competent lady to handle any topics of masters assigned to her and for her there isn’t a single essay topic in MBA (In business, HR, marketing, finance, economics) that she can’t tackle.

Here is the fact sheet for July’16 for Molly:

Orders taken: 505

On time submission: 97.5%

Students reporting HD grades: 421

Students reporting 60+: 77

Students Reporting Less than 60: 7


Once again, congrats to Molly Goyder, for this accomplishment and may you stay the best than the rest, for all the time we are working together. And a word of advice to our old as well as new MBA students “no matter what college or university you are from, no matter how tough or boring your topics are, have no fear because Molly is here”!

We highly recommend Molly Goyder for our new as well old students doing their masters!

Our MBA essay writing services hold the best team of the most talented, skilled, dedicated and highly educated essay writers and that’s what puts us on the map of being the best Assignment writing services in Australia. Our writers are the dare devil who can creatively tackle any topic of masters within your budget and that’s why you are safe with us. Accuracy on your marking criteria, on-time delivery, and cheap service are what separates us from others.

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