London knife attack kills 1 and injured 5, but why are these attacks happening? Who is at fault? No ratings yet.

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We all were pretty much shaken by the London stabbing case where a 60 year old American woman was stabbed to death and 5 others were injured in a random stabbing attack that took place in Russell Square, London on 3rd August, Wednesday. A 19 year old Norwegian National of Somali origin was accused and arrested by the London Police immediately. What was initially thought of being an act of terrorism was later stated as a “spontaneous attack” triggered by mental health issues later by the London Police.

Although Police said that the attacker had no background history of violence or mental cases, still stressing on the point that him being mentally ill is the only “possible” factor.

So should the man be spared as he suffers from mental illness? That is strictly a No. But could these people have survived if he had been subjected to treatment? That is probably a Yes.

The fact that people can’t afford treatment from a mental facility, doesn’t enjoy enough privileges in mental health care sector and the fact that many of them are discharged from the facility even before getting fully recovered due to lack of beds or are deprived from being attended to at times of need in patient care- are all still matters that need immediate attention of the Government even though they have been boasting of having increased the overall spending on mental health services. People have to wait up to 30 weeks to get an appointment fixed with the Community mental health care facility as these institutions run on a strict schedule due to cuts in social care budget plans.

It is important that Government consider that some people who need urgent care shouldn’t be deprived of giving proper care and attendance so that lives of many would be saved and it might help prevent a repetition to what have happened at Russell Square.

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