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After getting through with the admissions in the universities and colleges, students have to prepare themselves for most intensive learning sessions which require submission of assignments with strict deadlines to be followed. But with strict styles to be followed along with good English becomes a challenge for several foreign students. Ravi Reddy one of our students faced the same issues and hence reaches out for professional help with us. Assignment Help Hub in Australia is equipped to offer personalized my assignment help to its students. Here is a short excerpt from the professional in conversation with Ravi Reddy:

Ravi Reddy: I need assignment help urgently.

Melissa: Sure dear, which subject are you looking for?

Ravi Reddy: I want Academic assignment assistance in information technology.

Melissa: Sure dear, we have a very good team of over 160 experts in information technology. Thus you can relax with the thought that you have approached the right place and the assistance which you will achieve is going to be the best in the industry with lowest price in the whole market.

Ravi Reddy: Okay, what are your charges?

Melissa: We charge 8.00 AUD/page. This is the most economical and cost effect rate with full editing and proof reading assistance included in the package. The icing on the cake is FREE turnitin report. No extra charges are levied for changes required in the assignment till you are completely satisfied.

Ravi Reddy: The service seems surprisingly cheap to me. Why is that?

Melissa: Dear, our experts are working on the lowest profits in the whole market and we are charging just 5-10% extra on the expert’s fee and that is why our prices are so low. Moreover we know you are not big businessmen and have limited amount of money to invest and thus, prices are deliberately kept lowest. Following are our services as well:

  • 24/7 assistance for the students
  • Our professionals are well qualified individuals with 16 years of experience.
  • We provide online assistance help in Australia which helps the students to get in touch with the students at any time and also keep a track of your order.
  • Simple and proficient English assistance is provided in the assignments
  • Proper researched papers which are executed after proper analysis of the topic. In depth knowledge of the professionals help to achieve the best results.
  • Quality output is assured and the submission is always given well on time so that the student can be assured of completed work with them on the deadline.
  • Personalized My Online assignment help is another feather in our cap which has attracted a lot of students from Australia, UK & US!

Ravi Reddy: What is this personalized my assignment help service? How can I take advantage of this?

Melissa: Thanks for asking this dear, personalized my assignment help service is newly launched by Assignment Help Hub is anther added attraction to our services!

In this service you can request an add on to your assignment for free of cost! For eg. You can ask to add another 500 words to your assignment, even while your assignment has already progressed or you can request to increase your references from 10 to 20 even if your assignment is about to finish. FREE of cost

Ravi Reddy: Sounds good, but I am still having trust issues!

Professionals: I understand your concerns dear, let me send you few of the reviews submitted by students like you from worldwide on reputed websites which might help you to make up your mind on it.

Ravi Reddy: Seems right to me! Okay, let me mail you my requirements!

Melissa: Sure dear, go right ahead! I will wait for you!


 Ravi Reddy: I absolutely love the services provided by these guys, I scored 89/100 which is highest in my friend’s circle and at price of 110$ for 2500 words which seems fine enough to me! Also, a big thanks to Melissa for helping me so much and thanks to the writer who helped me score in my assignment! Will recommend my friends for sure!

So this is how personalized services can be availed by our students FREE of cost and which has been a hit with students since the time it has launched. Come and avail this service today and realize the difference in your grades!

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