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Australian cricket team just prior to fourth test match between Australia and India at Dharamshala met his holiness, Dalai Lama in his current home. The 14th Dalai Lama has been internationally admired sacred soul spreading peace and harmony, the fundamentals of Buddhist value and traditions.

Australian cricket team using their life time opportunity to meet the Tibetan guru, Tenzin  Gyatso   took few tips to maintain and augment  the valuable concord along with some heartfelt personal talks with the holy monk.

Talks straight from the heart of Dalai Lama


He shared his grief of getting homeless after the china’s inhuman act of ruling Tibet and his current dynasty in India. A Marxist from the core also shared his lovely relations with international personalities like George W Bush etc.  The saint also in a long conversation described his affection towards nature and life on it.  He also shared the modes of attaining serenity and how he gets it enormously by feeding birds by his hands.

 The Tibetan preacher on Cricket


While switching on to conversation on cricket, the saint on his knowledge about cricket said that he hardly is acquainted with cricket. In straight words and smile on his face regarding the games of rich he said, “I know less than zero “.

Monk with solution to the series of questions asked by Australian cricket team


The cricket team soon put their questions to the monk seeking for his perception towards their problems. In an answer to the question of David Warner about the peace of mind he replied take sound sleep. With the logic that anxiety and stress get minimized with sound sleep and thereby facilitating peace of mind.

He also explained how few unpleasant events of life results in strained relations and thereby affecting peace of mind.   He explained to the question by Warner that on meeting a person you are uncomfortable with, your mood remains disturbed entire day. You eventually end up drinking few pegs followed by argument with wife. He gave simple example that every Australian and other human being could easily relate to.

With more justification on importance of peace of mind he added that animal do not have developed brain but they still love peace of mind. Brain is the sole reason for generating nuisance or peace of mind.  He hinted that with beyond comparison developed brain, we should try to add-on basic human values to our respective personalities so that we provide ourselves peace and let others also live in peace.

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