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The North Carolina’s law that the Trans people, who have undergone a sex change will make changes to their birth certificate and are forbidden to use the restrooms with their gender identity. Also, this law puts the Trans people in an impossible double bind. A government patron claimed that the people who have undergone the sex change can only make changes to their birth certificate. Also, they can use the restrooms corresponding to their gender identity. These people can impede from having surgery. As a result they are barred from accessing the bathrooms in consistency with their gender identity.

As per the law of the North Carolina, it is stated that the gender on the birth certificate can be modified, if it has been labelled as” Sex reassignment surgery”. It has also been recommended to the individuals for undergoing such surgeries, if the individual has consistently lived for 12 months in the same gender role, which confirms to its identity. This suggestion has also been given by several professional healthcare associations. It has been recommended as per the standards of care that the individuals with transgender must be present consistently for day-day activities. These activities including coming out to friends, partners, community, etc. including use of restrooms corresponding to one’s gender identity.

But, in North Carolina, it is prohibited to use a single sex restroom until after having surgery. IT is one of the daily activities that have been segregated from sex. Also, from several Supreme Court cases, it has been stated that the constitution must contain limits on the ability of the state to interfere with the autonomy of an individual over the medical treatment. It seems that the North Carolina’s law acting as a two-fold interference with individual over their medical decisions. So, North Carolina should reverse its course and repeal to protect the rights of its citizens. Anyone of you can be a part of this repeal and be a part of the North Carolina’s law by sharing it on the Facebook or twitter, but before that it is essential to complete your assignments on time.

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