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In this era of stiff competition, companies resort to different ways to reach their target audience. Due to excessive competition and globalization the marketing jobs in Australia are regarded as one of the most prestigious job options in the country.
Marketing has bigger parameters now. People do not mind spending huge amount of bucks in promoting their products and services. It is no longer just about distributing flyers or advertisements in newspapers. The designation of a marketing manager is a significant position in the marketing department as he not only looks after different marketing activities but also plans successfully different marketing campaigns. If a fresher wants to pursue marketing as a career than he must obtain core knowledge about the basics of marketing and its strategies. Marketing tasks mainly include:
• Market plan
• Effectual marketing research
• Promotion
• Campaigns of new products and services
In this progressive, competitive and fast -changing business climate all leading companies opt to hire marketing professionals which can guide the company to the next platform of growth and profitability. The marketing officers get supplementary perks and faster promotions. Many new career opportunities open up for well trained and competent marketing managers.
Marketing jobs in Australia are always in demand on the job sites. In Australia you will mainly find 40% opportunity in New South wales, 30% in Victoria and 7% in West Australia. And this job is highly chosen because of its demanding and appealing nature, with the infinite scope of high end salary, future opportunities and diverse career options in Australia, Few of them are:
• Job opportunities in Advertising
• Job opportunities in entertainment and event management
• Public relation
• Marketing investigation
• Brand organization
• Digital marketing
• Client relationship supervision
Courses offering Marketing and strategic Marketing:
81% of marketing professional hold a diploma or higher qualification. With some amazing marketing courses available in Australian universities you can fix up yourself in the competitive marketing world for a bright and secured future. You need to qualify the UG courses before enrolling for the PG course in Marketing.
Undergraduate marketing courses:
• Graduate Diploma in marketing from University of South Australia
• Bachelor in Marketing from Australian Catholic University
• Bachelor of marketing ( PR) from The University of Notre Dame Australia
• Master of integrated Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology
Postgraduate marketing courses:
• Graduate Diploma in marketing/ Master in marketing from Australian Catholic University
• Graduate certificate in marketing from University of Western Sydney
• Graduate Diploma in marketing from Curtin University of Technology

Some major responsibilities of a marketing manager are:
Carry Out Market Analysis
A marketing manager is accountable for scrutinizing the essential characteristics of a market like the size of the market, chances of growth, most recent market trends, market charisma, challengers, cost, sales activities, requirements and additional characteristics of the market.
Market Planning and Research
The role of the marketing manager does not end with just designing marketing plans. After analyzing opportunities, efficient market planning is a vital task for a marketing manager.
The career of a marketing professional can grow in leaps and bounds if one possesses good knowledge about the company’s product, outstanding communication skills as well as strong ability to convince the client of its importance. The career prospects for marketing jobs in Australia are stable and profitable.
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