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A Mercedes Benz- S class comprises of a few things i.e. the luxury, quiet and above all comfort. My car was even the same, but failed pretty sadly on one essential component on the last moment in an extravagant form. Here is how I fixed it with my account and sanity intact.

I will be the first one saying that buying a cheap luxury car is very tempting. I have purchased a new Mercedes Benz-S500 car two years ago and driving it on a regular basis. This car has proven very reliable for me among the cars I have ever had.

However, an issue in my annoyance meter had been pegging since the last month and had to be done with the suspension system of the car. There might be a problem in the air suspension, if the system of the car does not work properly. This is done, in order to make a car fuel efficient and aerodynamic on the highways. Also, there was a little leakage in the system, which caused a noise to persist, even though the car is being driven on a flat paved road. It was not becoming of any Mercedes-Benz- much less than S class.

By surfing on my best friend Google and on searching the Benz forums, I narrowed the problem of the air compressor of my car, which was supposed to be changed for a new unit, at a cost trivial for my economical wallet. As, I am the cheapest human on this earth, I decided to transplant it by my own and recorded it in a video that you can watch and learn how can you repair your Mercedes Benz-S class without getting broke.


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