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As the 2016 Summer Olympics brews up and the fans world-wide warms up in the Olympic fever, we unveil these 5 interesting facts about Rio Olympics 2016 that might even pump up the celebration, to an extra notch.



  • Rio Olympics 2016 is the first ever Summer Olympic Games to have hosted in a country during the winter season. Winter in Brazil starts from June and lasts till the end of August but since Rio de Janeiro is close to the equator, the climate is not cold and is blissfully perfect to hold Summer Games.
  • Rio Olympics is the first ever Olympics to be held in a South American country and just the third to be held in Southern Hemisphere. Rio won the bid in 2009 outbidding Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo.
  • Vinicius (pronounced as vee-nee-see-us) named after the great Rio-born poet and composer late Vinicius de Moraesis the mascot for Rio Olympic 2016. The strange looking mascot is a mix of different Brazilian animals, designed based on various animation and video game characters represent the diversity of the Brazilian people and culture as well as its exuberant nature.
  • Rio 2016 marks history as Rugby Sevens make its grand debut and Golf gains re-entry after its 112 years of absence into the majestic event.Both Rugby and Golf were rejected in 2012 Summer Olympics and hence the total number of sport events came down to 26 from 28.But with the addition of these two sport events, Rio Olympics once again, has 28 events altogether.
  • Refugees are allowed to compete at the Olympic Games for the first time in history. 10 refugees are qualified for the event and together they stand as a symbol of hope for refugees worldwide and will compete as the Refugee Olympic Team (ROT).

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