Former Neighbour Star Caitlin Stacey Embraces Her Nude Body! Here Is Why! No ratings yet.

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A self-possessed feminist renowned as Caitlin Stacey embraces her nude body, so as to be a proud supporter of the “free the nipple campaign” shown on Instagram with a bare snap on her bed with her cat. She did so with an aim to change the views of the world. She also took an image of hers to Instagram recently, so as to promote a positive body image.  She did this by taking a few of her stunning snaps in Bikinis at Melbourne showing her hair of the underarm and pubic hair. She has received thousands of positive and negative messages. She marked one supportive comment by a fan but on the other hand, some of the social media users don’s show the same sentiments.

She has received thousands of messages from her fans.  Some of these messages were of support and positivity. Some of them added to the messages that she has been their inspiration and they want to be proud of their body like she is with hers. Also, a few of them thanked her for breaking the rules. She became renowned as a proud feminist, who is willing to push the boundaries of the society meant for the empowerment of women in the areas of sex, gender and body image, when she portrayed in an Australian series Neighbours. An Australian wrote in her blog that there are more expenses to attack women than to empower her.

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