Flinders University Scientists Are Maybe Just 3 years Away From Breakthrough In Vaccine For Dementia! No ratings yet.

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The experts at the Flinders University have created a breakthrough formula, which can be used as prevention to some symptoms of the Dementia disease and could be able to reverse them. This is attracted millions of people from around the world. A few clinical trials are being made by the scientists and if they are able to test it successfully, then it can be in use within the coming three years, which can be administered like flu shot for both men and women above 50 years of age. Alzheimer is caused primarily dueto the breakdown of the protein (a-beta) and tau in the brain of an individual. And this breakthrough formula targets the build-up of these proteins, which will help in causing the Alzheimer by helping the immune system to remove the broken down materials by producing powerful bodies.

According to the World health organization, about 47.5 million people suffer from dementia and every year there are nearly 7.7 million cases of dementia takes place. Some of the symptoms of dementia, which help an individual to recognize it in its initial stage, include deterioration in the ability to perform everyday tasks, thinking, memory and behaviour. In Australia 3, 53,800 Australians are suffering from Dementia at present, which is caused generally through Alzheimer. And its predicted that, without the medical breakthrough, the number of individuals getting affected by Dementia can rise up to 900000 by 2050.

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