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A popular show by the name of the” Head full of Dreams” by one of the famous rock bands Coldplay setting a tour in Australia and New Zealand. They had already been a part of the European people as well as the people of the United Kingdom. They will also knock the doors of the hearts of the people of the United States before beginning of the tour. This tour will begin in Auckland and finish in Sydney. This could be a speculated farewell tour, as these four have not done any tour in Australia and New Zealand from past four years. Before four years, they had gone to Sydney for the recording of an eclectic film clip.  So, they decided to do this tour in the month of December intentionally, so as to finish their year in Australia.

The people of the New Zealand and Australia have flooded the Facebook page of the Coldplay by sending numerous exciting messages. On the other hand, they got numerous messages of disappointment by the people on the western coast. This is because of being left out by the tour. A callout for 250 fans have been sent by them at a pub in New town, so as to be extras in the video. A number of fans have collected over there and they have danced and sang with them on the streets and have helped the security in cleaning as well.

Also, a few of their handwritten musings have been found in the books in Mexico, Ireland, Finland, Spain, USA, Singapore, etc. Being a fan of the band, you can also be a part of this video and meet them, but for that it is important to have a peace of mind by completing your assignments on time!

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