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10 ways to behave better in class NAN/5 (1)

Teachers, in general, mainly have three basic expectations from students in respect to their conduct, which are participation, proper decorum and academic integrity. Institutions and colleges usually have full of lengthy and hefty handbooks and various conduct codes, which require some guidance about what should be the ideal decorum of students in the classroom. As […]

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Biology is the study of natural science that is associated with life and living organisms including their growth, structure, evolution, distribution etc. Modern biology is a wide field of study, which has many branches and sub disciplines. For core understanding of the subject, many educational institutes allot students with assignments, which they have to complete […]

How to get a distinction in Nursing Assignments? 5/5 (1)

Preparing a nursing assignment might proved to be quite an intimidating task, especially if it is related to medical science. Being one of the most complex areas of study, it requires extensive knowledge, analysis and research. Pursuing a successful nursing career requires the spark to face a myriad of challenges and thus, right from the […]

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English is a West Germanic language and is used as an official language in all over 80 countries. English is a compulsory subject in school, however, some people learn the subject in the later part of their life. Thus, to have a bright and successful future, one need to have good command over this language. Education institutes allot […]

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Writing an assignment- be it thesis work, essay, dissertation or homework is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, mainly because it requires some serious analytical, critical and language skills. Most us falter badly when it comes to writing assignments in school and college- while some don’t have the technical expertise, some simply don’t know how to put […]