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Case study assignment is the most crucial assignment and holds high weightage in your final marks in your semester, and it’s a tough nut to crack, right? But why? Well, case study assignment is something in which you just need to write down the concepts you know but apply those concepts in that particular case which has to be chosen and write down the implications, so that’s what makes it bit hard to attempt it. Not only the right information should be implemented but where it should be implemented and what should be derived from the case is important.  The Apple is the worlds’ largest and the biggest brand of electronic devices and is considered as the first largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The PESTLE analysis is used extremely for understanding the market scenario. This is done to track the performance of an organization and implementing necessary steps for the achievement of optimum performance. The four factors meant for conducting a pest analysis is the political, social, economical and technological, in order to get informed about the potential of a business.

The Pest analysis is helpful in numerous ways:

  • Helps to spot business opportunities
  • Helps to understand the market scenario
  • Helps to avoid errors and learn from the past mistakes.

Also, the SWOT analysis is conducted with an aim to know about the factors affecting the future of a company either internal or external. This analysis is helpful in analyzing the strengths and weakness of an organization. To write a case study the study needs to conduct the PESTLE and SWOT analysis perfectly, so as to collect reliable information about an organization and get a detailed knowledge about the factors affecting a company or a business. Writing a case study requires deep research, hard work and dedication by the students, as discussed earlier. Students usually face certain problems while attempting a case study including:

  • Tight deadlines
  • Search for relevant information
  • Analysis of a particular case
  • Use of impeccable grammar and many more.

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