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Alec Baldwin’s Funny Reprise Of Trump on Saturday Live Show!

The recent Saturday Night Live show was an exciting one as Alec Baldwin reprised the role of Donald Trump post elections. It was funny, but Trump apparently didn’t have a look at the funny side! The show was aired on Saturday and soon after, the president-elect tweeted that he went through a few parts of the show and found it, “totally one-sided, biased and had absolutely “nothing funny at all”. Alec Baldwin, who represented Trump on the show, responded back with a tweet as a reply to the president-elect’s request for an equal time. He wrote, “Election is over. There is no more equal time.”

A Fun Show for the Audience!

Baldwin began the show with Trump’s being unusually anxious and at some point even chanting a mantra, “Big beautiful boobs and buildings” for easing himself out of a sudden panic attack after finding out in Google about ISIS and then asking Siri about how to finish them. Baldwin’s form of Trump is someone who is absolutely unaware of all the promises which he had made prior to the elections and now, when he is put to task, he is panicking and is equally tensed.

Trump replies with, “scrap it” when it is told to him that it will be a hard task to find all the 11 million undocumented immigrants and he says, “let’s just keep it” when told about what people think about Obamacare. Also, Baldwin as Trump says, ‘‘don’t do it” when he is being told that it’s not possible to hire a prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton behind bars. He further adds, “Scrap it. She didn’t do anything. Scraaapped!”

Baldwin, previous to this, had portrayed Trump as an egotist but this time, it was different! However, only one thing which was same as before was Baldwin’s comedic chemistry with Kate McKinnon. They shared an awesome time on screen and this time, Kate players Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and not his political rival. Trump says, “I wouldn’t be president without you.” On this, Conway replies, “I think about that every day”.

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