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Britain exitor Brexit is the popular term that marks the United Kingdom’s act of leaving the European Union after the 23rd June 2016 referendum, where 52 per cent votes were casted in favour of Britain’s independence from EU.

Pro vs. Con fight:

Pro Brexiters believe that EU is what that has been controlling and holding back Britain all these years and believes affirmatively that quitting EUwould be better for Britain to restore and declare the nation’s true identity, cultural setting and long-lost independence and rightful place in the world.

Take control” was one of the major slogans for the Brexit campaigns, urging Britain to take full authority of its economic rules and regulations thereby asking Britain to regain its cultural authenticity and to also impose strict immigration policies.

The non-pro Brexiters on the other hand has a totally different view. They believe that Britain staying in EU is the only way that can tackle economic crisis and believes that Britain has more chances to remain a world power by holding onto EU. They are sure of the fact that Brexit can put Britain in an economic recession thereby increasing chances of people losing upto more than a 10 00,000 jobs by the year 2020.

Most economists support this view as EU membership is what that established Britain as a global financial center and they know for a fact that Brexit can put Britain’s financial status very much at risk.

Now the bigger question remains:

What would be a better choice for Britain- being in or out?

It is surely a question that poses a lot of commotion, but ultimately the answer lies in what each individual believes in and sees as important. On one hand there is freedom, restoring culture, dignity and stating a sovereign place in the world but on the other, a 100 per cent chance of economic doom followed by the distress of hundreds of thousands of jobless people awaits. So what would Britain choose- sovereignty or stability – only time can tell.

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