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It is the act of appropriating passages, ideas or writings of another as one’s own. People use, as one’s owns the writings and ideas of another. According to the online dictionary, plagiarism means stealing the words of another and using it as one’s own creation. It is the use of another’s production without crediting the source.  Plagiarism also means presenting in a totally new manner the original work, idea or product, of someone else, as you own creation.

In other words, it is the art of stealing the work, ideas and writings of someone else and then proving it to be yours and when caught then lying about it.

There are many ways to avoid this kind of theft. Below are 7 easily found plagiarism style in the dissertations:

  • Recognize What Comprises Plagiarism: plagiarism is copying the words and ideas of others, but not giving the person credit of the same, failing to put quotation marks in quotation, citing wrong sources about a particular information and copying maximum words and ideas from one particular source which almost covers the majority of your work.
  • You Must Know What Your Lecturer Will Look For: even before the arrival of computers, professors used to caught the students who used to theft notes, internet has made it much easier, but it can give a clue to the professors that the content you are providing really came from someone else
  • Vocabulary
  • Connections between the passages
  • Use of web sources
  • Fluctuation style
  • Anti plagiarism Program: you must know about the web based services used by your university or professor. Understanding about the program will help you in avoiding the plagiarism. Anti- plagiarism is a combination of:
  • Searching the internet for word thread
  • Cached sourced
  • Compare your documents
  • Databases
  • Internal association
  • Do Not Cut- Paste The Content: doing this can leave clues behind
  • Do Not Paraphrase Without Cite Source: even if you change the word it will show plagiarism because it is someone else’s idea and it requires citation.
  • Follow Your Own Sheet Style: each academic sheet has its own style and citing source, if you will not follow you will end up being accused of copying the material.
  • Common Knowledge: this is a very common error, if you have any doubt in your mind find the source and if you can’t drop the content of your paper.
  • Get Your Work Edited: whether you get your editing done from a professor, professional editing service or someone from your college, a second check can catch up what you must have missed before.

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