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Teachers, in general, mainly have three basic expectations from students in respect to their conduct, which are participation, proper decorum and academic integrity. Institutions and colleges usually have full of lengthy and hefty handbooks and various conduct codes, which require some guidance about what should be the ideal decorum of students in the classroom. As the needful, it is better if every instructor prepares a set of specific requirements to be followed at the beginning of class.


The class always begin with attendance, attentiveness and participation. While many students feel the need of going tuition and getting notes, they often fail the importance of going to college. Eager of attending the college multiplies only when the instructor attendance policies are being made strict. Resultantly, students do not take participation the college classes and other events. But an ideal student knows the tactic to manage her daily activities and thus, always stay attentive and participate in class as well in tuition.

Right Attitude and Behaviour

As per facts, it has been brought into the picture that due to the excessive reliance on technology, students are becoming less capable of behaving with basic politeness and rudimentary social skills. Projecting respect to teachers, being on time, maintaining discipline and many more are certain basic aspects, which must be always noted on by a student while attending a class. Additionally, you can take help from assignment help from professors or researchers of the college to prepare your own assignments effectively.

Use of Technology

Technology certainly fits in classroom discussions, however, it deserves its individual genre. The arrival of laptops, cell phones and other computer notebooks has brought down a compelling confusion for students and college instructors in the present date, for which a set of policies on use of such devices are being set up by the college. Thus, as a responsible and sincere student, you should obey the restrictions and rules enforced by administration of the institution.

Academic Integrity

In general, the academic integrity policies are outlined in college handbooks. Plagiarizing on reports and papers, cheating on exams, having falsified records are some vital elements of academic integrity. Additionally, institutions have disciplinary reporting systems in order to maintain the several records of dishonesty related to academics and thus, as a good student, it is your duty to be honest about your own education.

The least but not last is to be obedient and responsive, which means preparing the complete assignment on time.  Academic life means a number of homework assignments and it is important for student to stay punctual and prepare the assignments timely.

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